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Your visit to the doctor


Dear patient,

when you are visiting our doctor´s office you need to consider the following points. Doing so will simplify the work for our employees. Your stay will run more pleasant, so that you will be more satisfied with the result.

Please bring your health-insurance card with you for your visit. This will ease the formalities. Every time you come for the first time in a quarterly period you have to bring for the registration a certificate of referral from that quarter. This is usually obtained through your family doctor. We are not allowed to treat you without the certificate of referral, or we have to charge you 10 Euro for the practice fee. This also applies to emergencies. Naturally you will get the money back when you hand in the certificate of referral later in the current quarter.

Patients who are freed of their duties of co-payment for medication and absorbent aids should bring a certificate for that so that we can note down the release on prescriptions etc..

If you have a private insurance you do not need a certificate of referral and you can contact us directly.

Please bring all records that concern your illness and examination. This can be old physician´s letters, laboratory findings, discharge reports or x-ray images, basically everything that helps us with your treatment. Equally important is a list of your current medication or the medicament itself. Please also take your medicaments as usual on the day of your visit at our office.

It is recommended to wear loose clothes that you can cast off easily. That way you save us and yourself the trouble of the second pair of tights or the third shirt, etc... If you need help to dress or to undress it is understood that we will assist you.


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Unfortunately, having a long wait is not always avoidable. First we try to give every patient the time he needs. It is not our style to say “We are not done yet, but the next patient is waiting so…”. Please understand that you, as the next patient, have to wait in this situation.

Another thought: We perform an outpatient service for which you would have to wait even longer in a clinic. To shorten your waiting time you will find coffee, water and the usual magazines in the waiting areas and waiting rooms. You can also pass time with watching TV.

Last but not least: We have to treat many patients who come to us because of emergencies and who are not scheduled. Imagine you had such an emergency. That will make you feel much better about your unexpected waiting time.

Please read also the following article if you come for surgery or for a catheter treatment of the arteries.

Your surgery at our doctor´s office



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