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Carotid stenosis, stroke

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A stroke is the result of an acute defect of the circulation in the brain. Causes can be attributed to a clot from the heart or the narrowing of the carotid artery. This acute defect of the circulation then causes an impairment of parts of the brain with typical breakdown symptoms.


Although a stroke (apoplexy) can occur without any prognostic symptoms, there are usually warning signals beforehand that one should pay attention to: momentary impaired vision, flickering (Amaurosis fugax).  Also impairments of speech, appearance of paralysis at the arms and/or legs or strong headaches. Those signals should be an urgent reason for a further examination at a specialised doctor for vessels.



The diagnosis includes a physical examination, an auscultation of the carotid artery for so called flow murmur. This is followed by a colour ultra-sound examination (duplex; picture1).

In some cases an ultra-sound examination might not be enough. In such a case, an additional X-ray will be necessary.


Picture1: constriction of high degree (stenosis) at the left carotid artery (arteria carotis) with a notable acceleration of the blood stream.



In addition to an accompanying medication therapy, there are in principle two methods to widen the constriction: 1.) a procedure to “scrape out” the calcification or 2.) the so called “shunt” as a support of the vessel. Which of these two methods suits a patient, has to be decided for every individual patient. German Association for surgery of the vessels


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