Gefässkrankheiten in Essen

Welcome to our doctor´s office

healthy vessels - healthy life

True to the motto we take care of you in our specialised doctor´s office and offer you all the essential medical examinations and treatments you need in the area of vessel- and heart illnesses including colour ultrasound, cardiological examination, lung functioning diagnosis, blood tests, vessel x-ray etc.


Our distinguishing characteristics

  • We offer you a high quality proficiency based on the newest knowledge
  • 19 years of experience with ambulant vessel treatment on over 90.000 new patients as well as 15.000 surgeries, that have sharpened our senses for your illnesses and needs
  • Our unique interdisciplinary size and structure in NRW enables us to look at your illnesses from different specialised medical perspectives within one appointment
  • In most cases you can get outpatient treatment on one day, even get surgery and be home the same night instead of spending days in a hospital

How can we help you?

  • Treatment in the area of the head
  • Treatment in the area of the arms/hands
  • Treatment in the area of the abdomen
  • Treatment in the area of the legs
  • Treatments in the field of blood

Gefäßkrankheiten Essen
Rüttenscheider Straße 199
45131 Essen
Gefäßkrankheiten Mülheim
Kämpchenstraße 31
45468 Mülheim